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Consciousness is a river and in that river we flow. It seems the East has much to teach us about different states of consciousness and how we can get the best from situations. The West is only now begining to look beyond the surface of the ocean that is our mind.

"The idea that when the brain ends life ends is now a concept that is beginning to fray at the edges a bit." Dr. Peter Fenwick, consultant neuropsychiatrist.


Can anyone go out of body?
Robert Monroe: "Several studies indicate that some 25 percent of adult humans remember having at least one spontaneous OBE. Many were unaware of what happened to them until the phenomenon was described to them. We (the Monroe Institute) take the position that everyone goes into the OBE state during the delta or deep-sleep state, as a natural process and in varying degrees. Therefore, one step may be to begin to remember the OBE patterns you have or are performing each night when you sleep. Further, after specific psychological and/or philosophic preparation, we believe that anyone can indeed consciously move into OBE states."


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