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EZ6 v.5 out now .

Thursday April 5, 2007 18:49
Posting has slowed on Abichal.com at the moment as I'm going to be moving the site onto a new content management system in the near future.. In the meantime there is a new ultrarunning site starting up focused on UK and Euro ultras. Checkout Ultrarunningworld.co.uk

Saturday June 10, 2006 9:29
The end is nigh. The 3100 starts tomorrow. I will try and keep a blog during the race which you can checkout on Multidays.com plus ultra and multiday news on the multidayrunning.com blog

Multiday Running MagazineWednesday March 29, 2006 18:26
I went to Houston for the Ultra weekend and met some great people and saw Jesse Dale Riley again. Jesse has so much good energy for the sport. He's a real inspiration.. In terms of distance though it didnt go as planned... and I amassed 112 miles so it was a lesson in humility which I am gradually absorbing. I also spent some quality time with Dave Luljak and his kids which was very special. The race was one I would like to try again next year though it's not easy to get to by P.T.

The really amazing news is that the new magazine is finally out. I posted a whole bunch today and a few more will go out tomorrow. Its not perfect but it happened and now I'm working on the next one.
I'm also re-editing the Handbook. This is always going to be a work in progress like Leaves of Grass. Every year there will be an updated version, somewhat like The Lore of Running by Noakes. I can't get to it to do a total rewrite but for the time being I can tidy it up. So this will be available for April for all those passing this way.

The 6 & 10 day races are looming with about a month to go and this weekend two multidays are taking place in Greece and in South Africa. Checkout updates on the home sites or on the the Multiday Running blog.

Talking of the the other site, developement is held up momentarily until April 20th or thereabouts. MR will be an outlet for a broader range or ultrarunning. It has tremendous potential and I hope to move Multidays onto that server later in the year.

Another project that I think is really cool is the Ultrawiki site hosted by Don Lundell on Zombierunner. This is a community project that anyone can help with if they have any background or knowledge in this area. I encourage people to sign up and add some info about your favourite ultra race, site, person or whatever as long as its ultra related

Monday February 13, 2006 23:41
Had a great time in Arizona at the Across The Years races. Lots of interesting people and Yiannis Kouros plus John Geesler, one of the best 24 hour runners in the US at the moment all perfectly organised by a great team at Nardini Manor.

Hard to believe but I have another new website running under the name of Multiday Running. This one features the new blog, in case you haven't seen it, a links portal and a forum though there's not much call for a forum at the moment, its there ready to spring into life.The main thing though is the links portal which will grow into something really useful over the next few months.

The Multiday Running Magazine is still in production. I am having to learn new software to produce something I'm happy with. I have the material for the Jan/Feb issue as well and am now collecting articles/race reports for the April/May issue. Please don't give up. They will be here eventually.

Friday November 4, 2005 10:27
There's been a lot happening, not least work on the latest issue of Multiday Running which is still about a week away. Yesterday I had a chance to chat with Tony Mangan who helped crew Jesper Olsen and who claims the 48 hour treadmill running record. He arrived in New York ahead of the marathon on Sunday. I hope to be able to share something of that interview.

Tuesday October 11, 2005 9:44

The blog is on fire at the moment. I can't believe how much traffic is coming in so short a space of time. I still have Jesper fever even though he's 3,ooo miles away - we are still connected as are many friends he's made on his long long journey. Checkout the Hot Blog Also the 24 hour pages are getting relatively popular and I hope to continue expanding in that distance.

Jesper Olsen and Suprabha Beckjord

Jesper Olsen holds the World Harmony Run torch with Suprabha Beckjord.

Wednesday September 28, 2005 19:50

West Highland Way 2005

Tarit Stott takes the o/50 prize as he completes his ninth West Highland Way race. I have only just found this report about the WHW which takes place around the Summer Solstice.

Saturday September 24, 2005 7:32

That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task =
itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has =
improved. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday September 5, 2005 16:08
We are well into recovery time now and I'm looking forward to gretting back out on the road now that the weather is turning into something special. I am porting this site into Plone as I speak but won't have a new skin for some time so activity will be diminished for a while... There are not one but 2 blogs I'm keepin' at the moment and they can be accessed from Here.

EZ6 will be returning later on this month with new material and also later on this this month the long awaited May/June edtion of Multiday Running magazine. I'm soliciting material for the October edition which should be out in about 6-7 weeks... I hope. Anyway its all happening in its own time. I am not the Master of that dimension.

As soon as I can I'll archive this page as it's a huge thing for dial-up to deal with.

Saturday August 13, 2005 11:17

On reaching 1000 miles.

Three summers in a row have been spent running around this loop in Queens for a total 8,900 miles in 3 races. But it seeems as if I have an insatiable appetite for I already find myself wondering if I will be recovered in time for this 24 hour race or that 6 day race. I can't believe it myself.
Anyway so many things have happened like the Erkrath 6 day, the Dusk to Dusk 6 day which is just drawing to a close plus a handful of 24 hour races and David Hortons 67 day journey on the PCT. It will take a while to get back on top of things especially as Sri Chinmoy's birthday is approaching and I have to get the latest Multiday Running magazine out plus we are producing a special souvenir edition for the 3100 to inspire those who wish to complete 3,100 miles in the not too distant future. Plus the revision for the Multiday Runners Handbook... Where is time?

Tuesday May 31, 2005 18:22

Roger Chamberlain will be running the Brecon Beacons Traverse solo on June 4th with a support crew. The Brecon Beacons Traverse is a long distance route which visits all summits higher than 2000' in South Wales and is about 72 miles with 17,000 feet of climb and some of the best views of Wales in the world. (joke)
I shall be undertaking another journey into the unknown on June 12th with the start of the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race (not a joke) and I shall be keeping a blog during the experience to share some of the vibe we'll be diggin'. There's a nice picture from the start of last years race someone recently put up and I shall put a link on the front page.

I am trying to put together the next edition of Multiday Running before the race begins - I don't think I will tie myself to publication dates... I'm not called the King of Late for nothing. And this partly explains the lack of Newsletter at the moment - I'm just maxed out. Once the race starts things will get very simple very quickly. However I have the material for the magazine - people have been very kind. Don Allison, Editor of Ultrarunning magazine, who came to the 6 and 10 day race to help Pat crew for the eventual race winner Danny Ripka, was very supportive of the project.

Also working on the Multiday Runners Handbook. It needs a total rewrite but its already been a year and I havent been able to get to it in a serious way.
This has turned confessional again.


Thursday May 12, 2005 0:51

Sri Chinmoy 6 day race is won by Dipali Cunningham for the ladies and Floridas own Danny Ripka. as soon as I can get it together I will update Multidays. I am still working on the srichinmoyraces.org site and will upload some more galeries in the next few days.

Thursday May 5, 2005 9:27

Its just too hectic for words. Check out the SCMT and Multidays .com for news of the 6 & 10day races that finish on Saturday May 7th


Wednesday April 27, 2005 23:03

Lucian on the first lap of the 2005 Self-Transcendence 10-day race

Friday April 22, 2005 9:40

5 days or so before the Self-Transcendence 10 day race begins and the energy is rising once again. There are 45 runners or so for the both races and there are usually a few last minute entrants. Louis 'the beard' Rios is returning as is the ladies reigning champion, Dipali Cunningham and a host of regulars and a few first timers making the usual international eclectic mix that is a hall mark of the SCMT multiday races.

Also next weekend there will be a 24 hour race in South Plainfield, New Jersey, "The Tiger 24" raising funds for kids in need.

April 17, 2005

So The World Harmony Run kicked off in the US yesterday, Saturday the 16th, with 700 runners or more providing a suitable commencement of a 4 month, 11,000 mile journey around 50 states.
Having already run for 10 days in the UK (See the evidence) I feel I've done my bit

Lynn Hughes (left) the Deputy Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Delme Bowen (right) and some super athlete(centre) after the inaugural World Harmony 5k run in Pontcanna fields, Cardiff. Read More

Also today will see the release of EZ6 volume 5, the final newsletter before the Self-Transcendence 6 & 10 day races, which begin with the 10 day on April 27th 2005 and Mayday sees the start of the 6-day race.

However there will be a new incarnation of the newsletter which I have yet to name but EZ700 is the first thing that springs to mind because there is no easy 1000 or 1300. Any way If someone has any suggestions, mail me at :


Nobody ever mails me... This is the most popular page on the site bar the frontpage and no one ever writes to me... I must be doing something right I dont even get any spam. xxx

Wednesday March 9, 2005 10:05
Just found this pic of World Runner Jesper Olsen with Lucian and Tsvetan in the San Francisco are.

Friday March 4, 2005 8:44

The Multiday Runners Handbook excerpt is back up. The February edition of Multiday Running is almost ready... honest. Entries are coming in for the Self-Transcendence 6 & 10 day races and I hope to have a list of entrants soon. Application form is available at multidays.com There is also a 6 day race scheduled for April 10th in Arizona. Gary Cross is having a shot at the multiday scene and we wish him good luck. Info again is at multidays.com

Monday February 21, 2005 16:08
Ultra running philosophy lifted from the ultralist:

"I didn't mind the conditions because life begins at the edge of
your comfort zone."

joe kowalski
cincinnati, oh

Wednesday February 16, 2005 23:04

Wow. Flooded out with responses. Thank you. The new EZ6 newsletter is out and the next edition of Multiday Running magazine is on its way. Applications for the Self-Transcendence 6&10 day races are available from Sahishnu email: ny@srichinmoyraces.org. The completed application should be sent via snail mail.

(Non-Ultra Content)

11-9 Get the Flags out.

Saturday January 15, 2005 17:43
If any one would like to submit an article for the magazine, or write about some mind-blowing event they experienced, maybe a letter or question to the editor whoever he is, or even just a short great story then there's definitely space for more multiday content and I'll send you a free copy of the magazine when it comes out and your name will forever adorn these humble pages.. all done for the love of running :) plus I have some Gmail invites. Mail me. First come first served.

Saturday January 15, 2005 17:25

EZ6...Tips, great ideas, hard to come by info, this is the bees knees and its FREE, gawd blimey. As if that aint enough, the next issue will feature questions put to World Record holder Dipali Cunningham plus another experienced runner and more stuff you know you'll wish you'd known after the second day.

Sign your body and soul away at Multidays.com

Thursday January 13, 2005 7:58

Wow. Its already the second issue. Aided and abetted by Trishul Cherns, Kaneenika Janakova and Satyajit Saha.

Saturday December 11, 2004 18:32

Allright. Yer we go. The new ezine, EZ6 from Multidays.com is available for free now by signing up right here. Packed to a standtill with great things you always wanted to ask but didnt know why? Times up, get your running shoes and head for the door and come April 27th 2005 you'll be glad you dropped by.

Sunday November 28, 2004 0:12
Several people are running around the world right now. Jesper Olsen who has just won the Cliff Young Australian Six Day Race and Rosie Swalepope. More info on her site about her progress. She was recently involved in an accident and also developed pneumonia.

Wednesday November 24, 2004 19:03

The newly renamed Cliff Young Six Day Race has a new site. Regular updates plus a webcam keep us informed of the progress of the runners. Graeme Watts has been leading since the early stages but the great Dane Jesper Olsen has drawn in front. Dawn Parris is leading for the ladies in fifth place overall with Elvira (left) having a better race than her spring experience in New York. We wish her well.

The October edition of Multiday Running is out... hideously late but... what can I do. The cover here, features Ashprihanal Pekka Aalto the winner of the 2004 Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race. The only way to get the magazine at the moment is directly from me. Send an email to the editor @multidays.com (that's me) with your address and for 5 bucks/pounds/euros, depending on where you live, I will send you a copy. Trust me. There's no advertising and a list of the main features can be found here.

Saturday October 30, 2004 20:47

Progress is afoot on the 24 hour race calendar project and will be included in the new issue of Multiday Running out soon.


Monday October 25, 2004 19:29

It can't have been this long...
I am about to build a new 24 hour race calendar on the other site. They are quite popular as ultras go and I have just been sent a provisional date for the Hull 24 hour Race 2005 When it happens I can assure it will be the most comprehensive 24h calendar on the planet, so... be warned.

Saturday August 14, 2004 23:12

The Erkrath 6 day finished on August the 8th, the day that the South African race began and finishes today. The Erkrath event was won by Achim Heukemes of Germany with 822,730 kms and the womens race was won by Conny Bullig also of Germany with 666,991 kms

Wednesday August 11, 2004 20:00
Self-Transcendance 3100 mile race 2004
Race won by Ashprihanal Aalto

                 Photo byJürgen Spitzer

Sunday June 27, 2004 0:26

Final Results in the Self-Transcendence 10 day race

Photos from the start of the Self-Transcendence 10 day race

Video of the early part of the 10 day race (courtesy of Lotus Films)

Sunday May 9, 2004 11:47
The Start
The awards ceremony
Rimas Jakelitis takes his 4th 10 day race
          Sri Chinmoy applauds the runners
Lenka Svecova wins the Womens Ten Day Race
Asprihanal Aalto, the great Finn, 1st in the Mens Six Day Race
Dipali Cunningham, the Six Day Queen

Great performances from the two South Africans. Brian Collings, 2nd in the Six day(above) and Ric Marini 3rd in the Ten Day Race


Wednesday May 5, 2004 0:12


AUGUST 08, 2004

Saturday May 1, 2004 10:25 PM

Rimas still leads the race and Trishul is settling into second place with another excellent day whilst Lenka has stretched her lead with Dorothea

Friday April 30, 2004 7:31

Daily Updates: Rimas takes a big lead...


Photos of The Sri Chinmoy Self-transcendence 10 day. The race began yesterday at a little after noon and the combined total of runners is the largest ever for the 10 & 6 day races.

Many new runners join veterans of the 10 day as Don Winkley, Trishul Cherns and the great Lithuanian, Rimas Jakelitas start under clear skies.

http://www.srichinmoyraces.us/ Should be pages up tonight.

Sunday April 18, 2004 11:24

This a serious marathon weekend with the London today and Boston tommorrow which some of my friends will be running and one of them Arpan DeAngelo has just produced a book called Seven Steps To A Successful Marathon. You can also download the PDF here

Wednesday April 14, 2004 0:22

New 6 Day race announced.
For the first time in many years a six day race will take place in the UK in 2005. The race will take place at the sports complex of The University of Kent at Canterbury and its adjacent running track.The race is scheduled to take place between 12.00hrs Monday 29th August and 12.00hrs Saturday 3rd September 2005.

Sunday, March 28, 2004 21:25


sylvia_andonieVlastimil DvoracekThe Mexican 6-day was won by Vlastimil Dvoracek 44 Doudleby, N.O., Czech Republic 348 (656.328kms) and Sylvia Andonie, San Pedro, Mexico came first for the women with 226 miles (421.716kms). The results can be found at Ultramarathonworld


Thursday March 25, 2004 22:22
A 6-day race is taking place in Mexico and these are the 72 hour splits
and this is a picture of some poor runners blisters.
Oh Yes.

I am working on a project that will offer advice on how to avoid this problem. After all it can't have been more than three days. Barely started. However the fact that he can stand on his toes indicates his arches are in good shape, though his feet are looking a little swollen.
Normal of course. In this years  multiday races in New York I hope to produce a digital catalogue of runners injuries. Stefan's blisters in the 3100 last year would have horrified a lot of people but we have no evidence to prove it. Next time, we'll be ready.

Thursday March 18, 2004 21:30

Its been a while. The Barry 40 results are here. I would've liked to have been there but it didnt workout.

The treadmill is all the rage.

From:Ultramarathon World
March 8-9th, 2004
Edit BercesBudapest, Hungary
Edit Berces has set a new world 100-mile (160.934 kms) treadmill record of 14 hours, 15 minutes and 8 seconds (14:15:08) Tuesday, breaking existing records for both men and women.

The Hungarian runner broke the men's treadmill record of 14:37:45,set in February by Serge Arbona in Towson, Maryland, en route to a men's 24-hour record of 152.27 (254.054 kms).

Monday January 19, 2004 19:47

Updated info for Ekrath

Sunday January 11, 2004 18:06

This explains the real reason why we run

A new website for the Ekrath 2004 6 day race  and info in English can be found Here

Thursday January 8, 2004 17:26

From the Ultra listserve:

Dear Ultra Runners,

Serge Arbona, one of the top Ultra Runners in the USA is going to try
break the World record for the 24 hour treadmill.

The record holder is Karl Graf from Germany. His record is 149.1 miles
was set on 2/3/2002.

Serge will try for the record on 1/24th and 25th at the Towson YMCA in

Serge is also doing this for a great cause and is looking for anyone
believes in what he is doing to send donations. He loves animals and
wants to save
an many as possible.

Checks can be sent to The Animal Rescue Inc. PO box 35 Maryland Line,
Maryland 21105.

Checks can be made out to "Animal Rescue Inc."
For more information about this go to animalrescue@yorkinternet.net

you can also write to Serge at sergearbona@aol.com

Thank you for you time.

Scott Morgan

"Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not
enough to know they were impossible"

Wednesday December 31, 2003 20:45

How can this be topped?
The idea of running one full lap of the Earth is one of the few remaining challenges that has yet to be conquered by mankind. Check it out .www.worldrun.org/

Saturday December 27, 2003 8:05 

Arizona Road Racers
The 21st running of the ATY starts in two days in Nardini Manor, in Litchfield Park, Arizona. A 24, 48 and 72 hour races are available for your final challenge of the year. Final results can be found at:
Across The Years

Saturday November 29, 2003

New 6 Dayrace in Erkrath, Germany Aug 2004 info

Wednesday November 26, 2003 19:53

Srichinmoy.tv has new videos of the Self-Transcendence Ultra Trio race in September in New york.

Colac 6 day race Australian multiday race results. Elvira is the top lady again.

8th November 2003

Ted Corbit 24 hour

The Copenhagen 6-day challenge results.

The Self transcendence Ultra trio results can be found here

The Self-Transcendence Ultra Trio begins in Flushing Meadow, Queens, New York, with the Ladies 1300 start on the 8th of September when Lenka Svecova begins her solo assault at the immense distance. The mens race has two competitors and begins a day later on the 9th.

Surasa MairerSurasa Mairer, pictured, will be entering the 1000 mile race after her tremendous success last September when she set a new world record in the 700 mile event, a record that had stood for several years.Don Winkley

Also a good friend of mine will be making a
welcome return to the Ultra Trio, Don Winkley from Corpus Christi in Texas will be engaging the 1000.



To Be A Runner
Try to be a runner, and try all the time to surpass and go beyond all that is bothering you and standing in your way. Be a real runner so that ignorance, limitation and imperfection will all drop far behind you in the race.

Sri Chinmoy


People run

People have always been running around. If it wasnt chasing down locomotive food then running after thieves has been an option to man since he first mastered the two legged position. Very little has changed in the last 20,000 years except footware and speed and of course reasons why we run. It is generally agreed that exercise can promote a healthier body if care and understanding are utilised. Just as a tool gets worn in to the job at hand so eventually does the body quit whining and begin to enjoy the freedom and the fresh air though its true in our security conscious world, more and more people turn to the treadmill to get their miles in. Recently a new world record for 24 hour treadmill run has been set by Tony Mangan 216.37 kms. It wasnt until the 1800's that long distance running or walking began to attract the eyes of serious athletes.


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