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Tuesday February 14, 2006 0:25
Since this section is a shambles and hasn't been updated for nearly a year, I recomend checking out either the front page of or the blog on multiday running for ultra and multiday news and also the 24 hour pages for relevant news in that field.

Saturday March 5, 2005 0:42 - 135 mile race in the ice and snow of Northern Minnesota. Results

Friday March 4, 2005 5:21
Yukon Arctic Ultra 2005 Results of a very tough race.

Thursday March 3, 2005 8:04
Today received an update from Jurgen Ankenbrand who has been running with Jesper Olsen for 9 days.

Wednesday March 2, 2005 17:19
Houston Ultra Event Weekend results are available here

Tuesday March 1, 2005 5:52
World Runner Jesper Olsen is getting close to San franciso in the next couple of days. I'm sure Jesper would love to run with any Ultra runners as he is making his way through your city. His mobile number is 16264299217. So if you want to meet with him, run a stage, help crew or can give him a bed for the night... Please call that number. Between 8 AM and 6 PM please leave only TEXT MESSAGES.

The Arrowhead Ultra is taking place at the moment and last weekend saw two events, The Paul Selby 12/24 in South Africa and the Houston Ultra Weekend in Texas. I hope to have some news up soon...

Monday February 28, 2005 17:30

The Self-Transcendence Six and Ten day Races are three months away the application forms are available on the calendar. Note they must be sent by snail mail to New York.

Equalizer 6 & 24 hour race. Debi Bull and Dan Baldi (both from the Des Moines area) have agreed to become the Equalizer race directors for the 2006 Equalizer. Mark Movic and Dave Hurd will continue through the 2005 edition finishing off 10 year and are thrilled that this event will keep going, and under knowledgeable leadership. Both Debi and Dan see taking on this responsibility as a way to give back to the running community.

Their website, now reflects this information, as well as offering an entry blank for October 15, 2005

Thursday February 24, 2005 20:16
Friday 3:00pm sees the first multiday race start of the year in the capable hands of Scott Demaree and Joe Sellers and a bunch of peolple have signed up with a forecast for great weather this weekend. Contact number for info: 713 299 9585

Monday February 21, 2005 17:59
The Mexican 24 hour race in Monterrey is on April 2-3 2005. Entry forms and info are available on the 24 hour race calendar Here

The Australian 6 day Race will be on November 21-26 in 2005

Wednesday February 16, 2005 19:29
The Yukon Arctic Ultra is underway: a 300 mile race in chilly weather. Catch The Updates

Also Feb. 26th, 2005 2pm Knik Lake
THE IDITAROD TRAIL INVITATIONAL a human powered ultra-marathon 350 miles

Monday February 14, 2005 16:59
There's been a date change for the Toyota Six day circuit race in Randburg, South Africa

Starts: 10h00 sunday 27th march 2005
Ends: 10h00 saturday 2nd april 2005

Sunday February 13, 2005 20:48
The new issue of EZ6 is available. Everyone who signed up should have received it by now. If you havent received it or would like to then please mail me: changing the at to @ of course.

Sunday February 13, 2005 15:01
Jesper Olsen has just finished his run across Australia and is getting ready to fly to L.A. to commence his journey to the East coast of America. His route will take him to Vancouver before crossing much of Canada so there will be two runners journeying the North American continent at the same time. Bruce Johnson is already 12 days into his run and is in the region of Parker, Arizona.

Tuesday February 8, 2005 19:34
The Equalizer, 6 and 24 hour runs in Gray's Lake, Des Moines, Iowa, will begin 8am, Saturday October 15 2005. The website, has the entry form as well as last year's results etc.

Monday February 7, 2005 19:22
Customised shoes for the everyday runner.In Australia. What will they think of next. Check out the wonderful people.(NFI)

Saturday February 5, 2005 23:07
The Russian 24 hour Open Championship takes place 7-8th of May this year in Moscow

Friday February 4, 2005 8:36
One finishes and another starts. John Wallace finished his journey on Jan 27th

Thursday February 3, 2005 8:06
Bruce johnson has started his trek from California to Virgina Beach.

The sacred ritual on Feb the 1st.
Checkout his site at

Monday January 31, 2005 16:53
New event to take place February 25th-26th 2005 in Johannesburg, South Africa: The Paul Selby / Fit 2000 12/24 hour Circuit Race: a unique comrades qualifier & 50km “FLEXI” challenge.

Also there's a couple of photos on Rosies World Run site that are really cool

Saturday January 29, 2005 7:56 AM
TROLLHÄTTAN 18-19 June - 24 and 12 hour races

The 24 hours will be first ever championship for Norden.
Norden = Denmark + Finland + Iceland + Norway + Sweden.
80 plus runners already signed up.

News ofjourney runner Rosie on the road:

Wednesday November 26, 2003 19:53 has new videos of the Self-Transcendence Ultra Trio race in September in New york.

Colac 6 day race Australian multiday race results. Elvira is the top lady again.

8th November 2003

Ted Corbit 24 hour

The Copenhagen 6-day challenge results.

The Self transcendence Ultra trio results can be found here

The Self-Transcendence Ultra Trio begins in Flushing Meadow, Queens, New York, with the Ladies 1300 start on the 8th of September when Lenka Svecova begins her solo assault at the immense distance. The mens race has two competitors and begins a day later on the 9th.

Surasa Mairer, pictured, will be entering the 1000 mile race after her tremendous success last September when she set a new world record in the 700 mile event, a record that had stood for several years.

Also a good friend of mine will be making a
welcome return to the Ultra Trio, Don Winkley from Corpus Christi in Texas will be engaging the 1000.



To Be A Runner
Try to be a runner, and try all the time to surpass and go beyond all that is bothering you and standing in your way. Be a real runner so that ignorance, limitation and imperfection will all drop far behind you in the race.

Sri Chinmoy


People run

People have always been running around. If it wasnt chasing down locomotive food then running after thieves has been an option to man since he first mastered the two legged position. Very little has changed in the last 20,000 years except footware and speed and of course reasons why we run. It is generally agreed that exercise can promote a healthier body if care and understanding are utilised. Just as a tool gets worn in to the job at hand so eventually does the body quit whining and begin to enjoy the freedom and the fresh air though its true in our security conscious world, more and more people turn to the treadmill to get their miles in. Recently a new world record for 24 hour treadmill run has been set by Tony Mangan 216.37 kms. It wasnt until the 1800's that long distance running or walking began to attract the eyes of serious athletes.




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